Lincoln's ChalleNGe continues to bring mentoring organizations, civic clubs, private sector business, and public agencies into a dialogue to create community partnerships. These partnerships extend to the organizations the ability to do mentor recruitment and training on a community level. This gives LCA the ability to involve community volunteers and bring a spirit of community ownership to the program. See also the Contribute section for more information.

Lincoln's ChalleNGe is always looking for individuals to volunteer their time in helping us meet the needs of at-risk youth in their communities. We have a variety of opportunities throughout the state of Illinois where an interested individual can help us make a difference.


By becoming a mentor, you can become a vital force in helping a graduate of our program realize his/her dreams. The mentor's role is necessary in the 12-month Post Resident Phase to insure continued success of our graduates. Mentors are a role model, friend, advocate and supporter. View more information about becoming a mentor.

office assistant

As an Office Assistant, you would work closely with the Regional Coordinator in your area. You would perform such tasks as answering the phones and responding to callers' questions concerning enrolling in Lincoln's ChalleNGe, assist with file management and limited data entry. Check edubirdie reviews to learn the most trusted reviews by college students As Regional Coordinators are extremely busy with enrolling youth and mentors, as well as raising community awareness of the program, your help as an Office Assistant is greatly needed. To inquire about opportunities, please contact the Regional Coordinator in your area.

community liaison

This is a very important position to the Lincoln's ChalleNGe Program. The Regional Coordinator is extremely busy with enrolling youth, recruiting mentors and raising program awareness in communities. Occasionally, we receive inquiries from interested and concerned individuals who want to do more to help their communities. With training and guidance from the Regional Coordinator, these individuals can become our Community Liaison. With their help, we are able to establish a network of individuals in communities who work together to increase program awareness, assist in enrolling youth and help find other interested members of their communities to become mentors. This is an increasingly important volunteer position, as there are only so many communities in Illinois that a Regional Coordinator can get to during a year. To inquire about opportunities, please contact the Regional Coordinator in your area.