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community service

In addition to the academic portion of the program, cadets are required to perform community service in an attempt to promote community spirit. With each class cycle, the number of community service projects has increased to a point that now allows more diverse activities for the cadet population. As cadets work in the community, positive recognition to the cadets and the program is developed.

As of Class 15, more than 208,000 hours of community service projects have been performed. Some of these projects, past and present, include the following:

  • Champaign County Head Start: A select group of cadets from each team assist the Head Start Instructors. Cadets help monitor and mentor preschool age children through the day's activities, maintaining an image of a positive role-model.
  • Conservation Projects: Cadets perform various activities at a 4-H Memorial Camp in Monticello, Illinois. Activities include demolition of older cabins and construction of new ones, maintenance of the many trails at the camp, and lake debris clean up. The cadets also participate in the Leaders Reaction Course at the camp.
  • Champaign County Office on Aging: Cadets rake leaves, pick up litter on the outside grounds, and clean inside of houses for elderly citizens within the Champaign County area.
  • Salvation Army: Cadets offer assistance in the annual Toys for Tots program. Cadets help sort and organize donated toys prior to the parents' selection days, and then assist parents through the toy selection process offering advice as to appropriate toys.
  • Champaign-Urbana Special Recreation: Cadets perform a variety of tasks, including helping to train Area 8 Special Olympic athletes for the annual area and Illinois State Games as well as helping Special Olympic athletes with bowling and volleyball tournaments.
  • March of Dimes: Cadets assist in the annual Jail and Bail program by answering phones, taking pictures and receiving pledges for the event. Cadets also assist in the Walk America fundraiser for Champaign/Urbana, acting as route monitors and refreshment/liquid suppliers.
  • Champaign-Urbana School District: Cadets restore the playgrounds and surrounding grounds of various elementary schools that include: Leal Grade School, Kenwood School, Washington School, and the Urbana Middle School.
  • IDOT-Adopt-A-Highway: Cadets clean a two-mile stretch of highway that runs parallel to the facility.
  • Neighborhood Clean Up: Cadets have helped to clean up the shoreline at a public lake in Urbana, and have participated in neighborhood clean up days for Champaign and Urbana. The clean up days allow the local communities to recycle their waste in one location.
  • Prairie Play Playground: Cadets assisted community volunteers in the construction of the all-wood Parry Play Playground for the children of Urbana.
  • Eastern Illinois Food Bank: Cadets help sort food items into the appropriate categories before it is distributed to various families that are in need.
  • Holiday Projects: Cadets participated in the Champaign Jaycees Haunted House by dressing in costumes. Cadets have also helped in the setup and breakdown of the Governor's "World's Largest Easter Egg Hunt" in New Berlin, sponsored by DCFS, and have acted as chaperones for groups of children at the event.
  • Illinois State Police: Cadets have participated in the annual Illinois Special Olympics Torch Run sponsored by the Illinois State Police. Cadets have run both the fifty-mile stretch from Danville to Champaign and the fifty-mile stretch from Champaign to Bloomington.

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